Nursery Fireguards

Choose from a wide selection of 3 panel & 5-panel nursery fireguards below. 

Please note all fireguard images are for illustrative purposes only and are not a representation of the exact size of each option or the distance your fireguard should be the from the fire. To understand exactly what panels are included with each option please click on the product detail pages below. For more about the best distance to the fire please click FAQ's above.

What is a safe distance to the fire?

Most baby fireguards are made of metal, therefore, pose a risk of overheating if too close to the fire. Furthermore, most baby fireguards have vertical bars that a child from 6 - 24 months should not be able to fit through but will be able to reach through the bars and touch the fire if it is too close. With that in mind, your fireguard should be far enough away that it does not overheat and is too far away for your child to reach. A good guide is at least 75cm but that is not always necessary ( for example if the fire is not used, and you just want protection from an impact on the hard surfaces of the hearth and/or stove) and in some cases it is not enough for very powerful fires/stoves/wood burners. Remember always to test your fireguard for overheating before allowing your child near it, if you find your guard is overheating discontinue use immediately and purchase extensions to bring you fireguard out further.