Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit

Founded in 2008 by three sisters (one of the sisters Lori had just had her first baby), Belly Bandit is the leading pregnancy and post pregnancy shapewear recommended by midwives, doulas, medical practitioners and fitness experts, not to mention new mums!

The Belly Bandit range is an collection of premium quality essentials, designed to make mums to be and new mums feel and look their best. Belly Bandit products help with the healing process post birth and speed up the recovery period while providing support for over-pressured joints and muscles

Belly Bandit is the first medical grade compression shapewear, the designs help you on your way back to a flatter tummy, slimmer waistline and stronger muscles. Belly Bandit’s has a snug, smoothing, slimming, universally flawless fit and it’s proprietary “Stretch & Compress” fabric all help new mum’s look and feel fabulous, with or without clothes

Weight gain, stretching of skin, discomfort in the mid-section, muscle weakness and delicate skin are all part of post pregnancy. These areas need extra special attention, support and comfort, which is where Belly Bandit and compression comes in to play. Belly Bandit works by:

  • - Applying medical grade compression, i.e. pressure, which aids in reducing stretch marks, body shaping and muscle memory
  • - Helping to accelerate fluids through the body by compression
  • - Compressing small capillaries and blood vessels thus helping to flush fluids away from the skin and reducing swelling (oedema) and bruising 
  • - Helping to stabilise those all important pelvic floor muscles and supporting the spine with medical grade elastic
  • - Applying constant compression, resulting in a flatter tummy. This is achieved by helping to accelerate shrinkage of the uterus, one the uterus goes down, so does the tummy
  • - Compressing stomach, hips and waist, the exclusive “Power Compress Core” helps get you back to pre-pregnancy size. During pregnancy a hormone, Relaxin, is released. Relaxin allows pelvic joins to expand and loosen, Relaxin hormone levels can stay elevated for up to eight weeks post birth, “Power Compress Core” compression directly to the mid-section area and the hips help get you back to your pre-pregnancy size or even smaller!


The first time you try your Belly Wrap on, the ends should barely touch. Believe it or not, if you can close the velcro it means your wrap is too big! If the end of the bands are 1 - 2 inches away from closing, do not exchange for a larger size. What you need to do is lie the belly wrap down on a flat surface underneath you and try to close it, get some help from your partner if you need! If the band feels exceptionally tight, wear it for a short time each day (i.e a few hours) up until you are beginning to shrink into it, then you can continue to wear it for a longer time.



Band Size Fits Belly Size
X-Small 28"-32" (71cm-81cm)
Small 33"-37" (84cm-94cm)
Medium 38"-43" (97cm-110cm)
Large 44"-49" (112cm-124cm)
X-Large 50"-57" (127-144cm)




Buying Your Belly Wrap Pre-Birth:

It's common for women to buy their belly wrap while they are pregnant, the chart below will help to predict the size you will be immediately post pregnancy. There is no exact science to determine exactly which size will suit/fit. If you are buying your belly wrap early on in pregnancy, it's recommended to go up 1 to 2 sizes from your pre-pregnancy size.

In month eight of pregnancy most women will be the same size as they will be post birth. Measure the area of your tummy that is the largest all the way around your abdomen, this is usually at your belly button, then choose the relative band for the size you have just measured. Just before birth, minus 3 - 5 inches from the measurement of your belly and then choose the corresponding band for the belly size 


Buying Your Belly Wrap Post-Birth:

Simply choose the corresponding band for your current belly size. Belly Bandit Belly Wraps are designed to have 5 inches of flexibility and adjustability to stay tight while you shrink!


Important: Measurements below are related to belly size and NOT pant size